Irrigation Repairs and Installation

Irrigation Installation and Repairs

With hot NH summers it is important to have a good irrigation system to help your yard stay green and healthy but also to ensure you are not unnecessarily using more water than necessary.

There are a few different ways you can irrigate your property. One of the most popular options is the underground, pop-up sprinkler system. With this system sprinkler heads are beneath the ground until it is ready to be used.

These sprinklers will usually be set up on an automatic timer. This mechanism will allow the sprinklers to surface at whatever time you have set on the timer. Most of the time it’s best to set your system up to come on early morning of later into the evening.

Watering during the day is not as effective since large amounts of the water will evaporate. It is possible to program the irrigation to water certain zones or parts of the yard to come on at various times. This is a great option when watering larger areas.

spring irrigation start up and fall blow outs
irrigation drip installations for landscaping

Save Water with Proper Irrigation

Drip systems work great for isolated gardens, plants and bushes. The system is simple, it works by providing a line which runs just along or underneath the ground. The line will be either perforated at a specific distance or will only have emitters that will run to each plant individually.
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